Rustbelt Boss

The Rustbelt Boss is a machine with an old soul. Crafted over 100 years ago as an trash incinerator bot, Rustbelt was eventually decommissioned and converted into the slow lumbering brain of the security bots. Towering at over 50 feet tall, the player must be very creative in order to defeat it.

Progression of Enemies

Throughout the Rustbelt game, the player has faced mainly security bots (left image). Upon the arrival of the Boss's lair, there is a change of pace as the player faces a new threat. Rustbelt is a bigger, scarier, and older version of it's security bot counterparts.


Because of Rustbelt's towering size, it must take large lumbering steps. However, this is not the case when collecting trash from the ground, as it has to reach down with it's long and thin grabber arms. When it has something that it wants to incinerate, it retract the arms back into it's "mouth."