Software tools used for front end inclinations (my role) as part of a full stack web based game: React Typescript, Phaser Typescript, HTML, CSS, React Redux, React Router, Blender 2.8, Adobe Premiere Pro is a 2D multiplayer top down shooter game created as a team project in my Software Engineering class. The players’ objective is to eliminate alien insects who have crashed into Earth via an asteroid and started an invasion! My role as creative director was UI implementation, creating the client rendering and designing the graphics. I had some involvement with the back end development (.Net C# with Docker and Mongo DB). I created the game trailer above for the required marketing video using animation rendering and video tools listed above.

Gameplay and UI features

The game has a lobby room where players join by going to a target URL, logging in, selecting a class, then hitting start. Left click fires projectiles and W+A+S+D moves you around the map. Actions are sent to the server and new calculated positions are sent to the client to render.

Alien Bug Creation

While the game itself uses 2D graphics, I created 3D models for the characters and props so that I could capture any angle while creating spritesheets for the final game asset. Utilizing Blender, I exported the animation frames as PNG files and assembled each frame into a spritesheet.

Game Trailer Images